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Caroline B Designs specialise in custom made lampshades. From our London studio in Richmond upon Thames we provide a dedicated service that works closely with every client, honing in on the details to meet with our clients’ expectations.  Each of our lampshades is made to order with great care and precision to ensure a superior quality finish.

Custom Lampshade Design

We offer our clients a comprehensive selection of fabrics, including silks, linens, parchment and more, available in a wide range of colours. In addition, we stock many braids, fringes and trims to finish off some of the more ornate designs.    We can also work with customer’s own fabric.  

A large selection of frames and rings are kept in stock, and custom made frames can be made to your specification with UK, European or American fittings and specialist finishes. 

You may have a lamp and need advice on choosing the right shape and size of lampshade to suit it, or you may have an existing lampshade which needs refurbishing and would like some idea of the possibilities open to you. Clients are welcome to make an appointment to visit the studio and we can discuss your requirements in detail.

We can make hard and soft lampshades in a selection of different shapes and styles including:









Gathered pleat


Knife pleat


Box pleat



Hard Shade

Made by laminating fabric onto PVC card.  Linings can be plain white, or for a coloured lining choose from gold, silver, champagne, bronze or copper.  We can also make double sided shades with fabric on the interior and exterior.  

Soft Shade

Made by stitching fabric over a frame and attaching a lining.  Soft shade can be either pleated or stretched.  We have expert knowledge and shades are hand stitched using traditional methods and time honoured techniques.  They are perfectly tailored and hand-pinned, fitted and hand-stitched (not glued!) to the frame for a quality finish.  


Unit 8, Dickson House,

3 Grove Road, Richmond, TW10 6SP.